GCH CH Pata Conrad Curage JH

OFA Good; Eyes, Thyroid, vWD, PRA, CLAD Normal

Imported from Sweden, Conrad joined our family in February 2014 at 2.5 years old. He was a sweet dog and had some field training, but was mainly just happy and willing to please. Conrad finished his AKC Championship with 4 major wins in May, 2014 followed by his AKC Grand Championship in Aug, 2014. Conrad went on to complete his Junior Hunter title on November 1, 2014. Conrad was a top 5 IRWS as of the end of October 2014 and so was invited to show at Westminister 2015 where he won Select Dog. Conrad finished 2014 as the #6 IRWS. He is the sire of our "Impossible" and "Kind" Litters and we can't wait to see how he influences our breeding program. After only going to a handful of UKC shows throughout the past year Conrad finished his UKC Championship and now only needs one more win towards his UKC GRCH title and has received two group wins and multiple other placements in UKC. Conrad is now all but retired from the show ring, and so he has been allowed to live with a local family so that he can receive lots of individual attention. Letting Conrad go to live with Greg and his family was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, but seeing how happy Conrad is with his new family is worth the heartache.


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